About Chicago.pm

Chicago.pm (sometimes known as WindyCity.pm) is the Chicago chapter of the international Perl Mongers groups.


We normally organize two meetings per month.

  • Project Night -- the second Thursday of the month. Free-form discussion on any topics of interest. Bring a laptop if you want, bring a project if you have one. Lets have some fun!
  • Presentation -- the fourth Thursday of the month. A member or guest will present a talk on some topic. Of course discussion often strays afterwards to other topics of interest.

You are always welcome to bring guests!

Meetings are organized on the Meetup Group Page.

Mailing Lists

There are two email discussion lists for you to keep in touch with the Chicago Perl community, and to have discussions (not limited to Perl).

  • chicago-announce is a list for general chicago.pm announcements. You should subscribe to this list if you want to skip over the majority of the discussion and just get the event announcements.
  • chicago-talk is the main list for discussion of all things Perl, Chicago, and anything else you'd like to talk about. List archives are also available. Note: prior to 29-Aug-2003 chicago-talk was hosted a Topica, you may still be able to view their archives.

Folks sometimes hang out in #chicago.pm on irc.perl.org. If you have a chance stop by and say "hi".