Building Command-Line Applications: Doug Bell - May 23


This will be an intermediate-level presentation on how to build command-line applications in Perl. It starts out with some simple command-line scripts, and moves on to building testable, reusable command-line applications using modules and CPAN frameworks. Knowledge of Perl and using the command-line is recommended. Previous knowledge of writing command-line applications is not required.

Pizza and beverages will be provided (if you have requests for specific flavors of pizza or beverage, let me know). Please RSVP on the meetup page before 4:00pm on Thursday to make your entrance as smooth as possible.

This will be the first in a set of free, open-source intermediate-level presentations released by the Chicago.PM organization on Github. The presentation itself will be released with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, and the code inside the presentation will be licensed under the same terms as Perl itself (Artistic License 1 or GPL version 1 at your discretion). Our goal is to build a repository of living presentations that pick up after the beginner's workshops and explore single topics with some depth. Emphasis will be placed on best practices with pragmatism: Here's multiple ways to do it, here's why you might choose one way over another, here's some things you might see out in the wild and how to improve on them. Our github organization is located at

More information is available on the meetup page.

Update: Slides are available on the Talks page