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perldelta - What's New in Perl Since 5.8 - April 24, 2014

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This month, Doug Bell will be giving a presentation on the most important features and modules added to the Perl core since the 5.8 series.

RSVP on the Chicago.PM Meetup page to attend.

If you upgrade to 5.10 you get:

  • say
  • state
  • defined-or (//)
  • Switch (given/when)
  • Module::CoreList – List the modules your Perl has in core

If you upgrade to 5.12 you get:

  • The yada-yada operator (…)
  • each(), keys(), and values() on arrays
  • autodie

If you upgrade to 5.14 you get:

  • Non-destructive substitution (s///r)
  • More reliable exception throwing
  • HTTP::Tiny
  • JSON::PP

If you upgrade to 5.16 you get:

  • Reference to the current running sub (__SUB__)

If you upgrade to 5.18 you get:

  • Lexical subroutines (my sub, our sub, state sub)

Awaiting us in 5.20:

  • Hash-based slices (%hash{…} and %array[…])
  • EXP: Postfix dereference operators ($ref->%*)
  • EXP: Subroutine signatures (sub mysub( $foo, $bar, @baz ) { … })
  • IO::Socket::IP