MetaCPAN Hackathon in Chicago


Olaf Alders has announced meta::hack, a MetaCPAN hackathon in Chicago. MetaCPAN is the best place to search for CPAN modules, and includes lots of useful information like documentation, links to the source repository and bug tracker, and a summary of CPAN Testers results.

Much like the Perl QA Hackathon, this event will get the core MetaCPAN team together to achieve a few targeted goals. The biggest current goal is to get the platform upgraded to ElasticSearch version 2, but other, smaller tasks may come up as well.

If you can help, sponsor the meta::hack hackathon. Sponsorship will help pay for travel expenses for the team so they can concentrate on making MetaCPAN better.

Accepting Payments on the Web


This month, Noel Rappin will be talking about accepting payments on the web:

Your customers have money, and you’d like them to give it to you. Payment gateways, such as Stripe, Braintree, and Paypal, make it easy to start charging credit cards and get the money flowing. But charging cards is only the beginning. You need to worry that your app responds gracefully to service failures, since charging a customer for a failed transaction is bad. You need to guard against fraud and security breaches. You need administrative tools that are flexible but secure. You want to test against external services. And you’ll run up against the law. Learn from some of my mistakes and build a robust financial application.

Noel Rappin is the Director of Development at [Table XI]. Noel has authored multiple technical books, including "Rails 4 Test Prescriptions", "Trust-Driven Development", and the forthcoming "Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web". Follow Noel on Twitter @noelrap, and online at