Become a CPAN Author Workshop - brian d foy


This month, brian d foy will be giving a workshop on How to Become a CPAN Author:

Have you wanted to upload a Perl module to CPAN but haven't been sure how to get started? In this workshop, brian d foy (blog, twitter, github) will lead you through the entire process as you upload a real module to CPAN. You'll create a new module, upload it to Github, make some changes, and upload it to CPAN. You'll break your module, upload the broken distribution, then work with others in the class to fix it by sending and merging Github pull requests. Finally, you'll upload the fixed module. By the end of the class you'll probably see your module on MetaCPAN, automatically announced in various places, and you might even get CPAN Testers reports. At every step of the way you'll have someone helping, and you'll even add some comaintainers.

The workshop will be held on Thursday, August 14, just in time for CPAN Day (August 16th).

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With this, we are moving Office Hours to August 28th. Additionally, since having Office Hours on Wednesday has been more confusing than helpful, we will change our meeting schedule from "2nd Wednesday and 4th Thursday" to "2nd and 4th Thursdays".

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Meeting - Lightning Talks - Anything Goes


This month, we're doing Lightning Talks. Lightning talks are 5-10 minute informal (slides-optional) presentations.

The meeting will be this week, May 26. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the meeting starts at 7. RSVP to attend on the Chicago.PM Meetup page

This month, anything goes, so you can talk about whatever you'd like to talk about. If you've got something you'd like to present, leave a comment on the Chicago.PM Meetup page.

perldelta - What's New in Perl Since 5.8 - April 24, 2014


This month, Doug Bell will be giving a presentation on the most important features and modules added to the Perl core since the 5.8 series.

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If you upgrade to 5.10 you get:

  • say
  • state
  • defined-or (//)
  • Switch (given/when)
  • Module::CoreList - List the modules your Perl has in core

If you upgrade to 5.12 you get:

  • The yada-yada operator (...)
  • each(), keys(), and values() on arrays
  • autodie

If you upgrade to 5.14 you get:

  • Non-destructive substitution (s///r)
  • More reliable exception throwing
  • HTTP::Tiny
  • JSON::PP

If you upgrade to 5.16 you get:

  • Reference to the current running sub (__SUB__)

If you upgrade to 5.18 you get:

  • Lexical subroutines (my sub, our sub, state sub)

Awaiting us in 5.20:

  • Hash-based slices (%hash{...} and %array[...])
  • EXP: Postfix dereference operators ($ref->%*)
  • EXP: Subroutine signatures (sub mysub( $foo, $bar, @baz ) { ... })
  • IO::Socket::IP