Getting Into Perl 6


You may have heard that Perl 6 is making its debut this Christmas; This is the perfect time to get involved and help the team get through the last mile. Rob Hoelz will walk through making a change to the Rakudo compiler, which will make it easier to make your own changes and help out! A brief rundown of the evening:

  • A quick intro to Perl 6 for newbies
  • A brief overview of the Perl 6 ecosystem
  • A tour of the Rakudo compiler's source
  • Going through the compiler and making the change

Join us on Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 PM. RSVP on the Chicago.PM Meetup page

If you've got Perl problems, questions, or just want to meet fellow Perl programmers, come to Office Hours on Thursday, May 14. RSVP for Office Hours on the Chicago.PM Meetup page

(EDIT: Slides have been added to the talks page)

Introduction to DBIx::Class


This month, Doug Bell will be giving a talk on the DBIx::Class ORM library. DBIx::Class automates the tedium of writing SQL, and makes it easier to build more portable and reusable database models.

Examples will be given for an ETL job reporting database with an accompanying web application.

RSVP on the Chicago.PM Meetup page

(edit: The FFI::Platypus talk will be given another time)

(update: The slides for the Introduction to DBIx::Class talk are now available on the talks page)

Presentation - Introduction to Moo


For this month's technical meeting on March 26, Eric Johnson is giving an introduction to the Moo object system, and how to do object-oriented programming with Moo. The topics include:

  • Why Moo
  • Moo vs Moose
  • Object construction
  • Object destruction
  • Attributes
  • Method modifiers
  • Roles
  • Best practices

For a preview, slides for the Moo presentation are available.

RSVP for the presentation on the Chicago.PM Meetup

Office Hours will be March 12. This is where you can bring questions or code and get assistance from other Perl programmers. RSVP for Office Hours on the Chicago.PM Meetup

Presentation - Debugging with the Perl Debugger


This month, Brian Mielke will be giving a hands-on talk about the built-in Perl Debugger. The debugger allows you to pause execution of your code, run through it step by step, and examine variables and run arbitrary code while paused. The debugger is a great tool to use when dealing with unfamiliar code, and there's always a lot more of that than it appears.

RSVP on the Chicago.PM Meetup page

Slides are available on the talks page

Presentation - Introduction to Mojolicious


To start off the new year, Joel Berger will be giving an introduction to the Mojolicious web framework. The presentation itself is a Mojolicious app, hosted on Heroku.

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The Chicago.PM is going mobile! If you're a business using Perl and would like to host one of the regular Chicago.PM meetings, or a special event, let Doug Bell know. More details on our Meetup discussion page.

Presentation slides are available on the Talks page