Presentation - Introduction to Mojolicious


To start off the new year, Joel Berger will be giving an introduction to the Mojolicious web framework. The presentation itself is a Mojolicious app, hosted on Heroku.

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Presentation slides are available on the Talks page

Lightning Talks - My Dev Environment


This month, we're doing lightning talks on the topic of "My Dev Environment". Lightning talks are 5-10 minute, informal presentations. Bring your development environment (editor, IDE, operating system, shell, and otherwise) and tell us the most useful parts.

This is not strictly a Perl talk, so if you know someone who'd like to hear some tips, or would like to give some tips, bring them along.

If you'd like to present your dev environment, leave a comment on the ChicagoPM Meetup page.

Office Hours will be on Thursday the 11th. RSVP for Office Hours on the ChicagoPM Meetup page.